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TASK Center

The TASK Center : 

ï‚· The TASK Center offers several training programs and recruits specialized instructors and experts for

 institutional training & development programs.

ï‚· Accredited courses are contained and conducted by leading international institutions according to the
best practices.
ï‚· TASK Center keeps pace with the latest training updates worldwide utilizing modern training
mechanisms and methods in several majors, such as human capital development, corporate excellence
and evolving Personal Skills.

What distinguishes (TASK) Services 
TASK key strategy is to understand the customer’s objectives, expectations and needs, and later determine
specific levels targeted and KPIs.
We assist our customers to find the skills gaps and specify the targeted levels of competence appropriate for
employees that will enable us to set out a clear path on how to achieve the training strategic objectives.
Based on the set objectives, we create viable solutions and discuss the challenges facing the organization’s
training requirements, budget, and defined skills gaps. We then provide recommendations on training solutions
possible in order to meet the objectives and observe the timelines.
We constantly monitor and analyze outputs and proactively table suggestions that will motivate trainees and
develop their capacities.
Stages of Training and Development

• Undertake all logistic preparations to the highest service standards and hire the best training halls possessed
with the latest technologies that are compatible with the training program custom.
• Determine trainees’ requirements by the pre-assessment outcomes (by expert trainers).
• Preparation of academic material that serves training objectives and methodological criteria.

During Training
• Promote a distinct environment appropriate to the nature of the course training program and theme.
• Individual field follow-up for each trainee to ensure that he/she receives the benefit aimed at acquiring the
knowledge and achieving the daily training target.

Post Training

• Prepare reports of participation and assessments of trainees.

• Utilize the customers’ assessment findings in the process of permanent and sustainable development.

• Arrange for field tours to assess and follow up on the participants’ actual training progress.

Programs Provided by the Center
ï‚· Journey to Excellence (J2E)
ï‚· Leaders for Excellence 1 st level (L4E)
ï‚· Leaders for Excellence 2 nd level (L4E)
ï‚· Internal Assessor Training (IAT)
ï‚· Strategic planning programs and strategy development skills
ï‚· Human capital programs (recruitment - management - development)
ï‚· Quality Software ISO - 18001 14001 - 9001
ï‚· Internal Auditor Lead Auditor
ï‚· Management training
ï‚· Medical Training
ï‚· Security Training
ï‚· Programs for Finance, Procurement, Contracts and Negotiation
ï‚· Health and Safety Training
ï‚· Information technology and security
ï‚· Specialized and Technical Programs

The notable (TASK) achievements 
• 11,747 trainees in Management courses in UAE and GCC countries.
• 511 trainees in Quality Programs.
• Qualifying and training more than 293 accredited Assessor according to (EFQM)
• Qualifying and training 1,818 trainees in courses (Excellence Journey) and (Excellence Leaders)
according to (EFQM)
• 1,960 trainees in security, safety and medical training.
• 14 certified master Assessors - MAT
• 636 trainees in workshops to disseminate corporate excellence culture.
• Obtaining the Quality certificate (ISO 9001).
• Obtaining a Certificate of Commitment to Excellence (C2E) from (EFQM)
• First Place in providing training and development services for Abu Dhabi Police GHQ and the
Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi.
• Received many letters of gratitude and appreciation from clients and strategic stakeholders for the
outstanding performance.


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