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The Mediation and Arbitration Center (MAAC)
Consultancy Masters International (CMI) strives to share and improve the awareness level with regard to the commercial and civil disputes resolution by applying the alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR) as an effective tool to reduce the volume of work undertaken by the judiciary system and by reducing the number of cases. It aims to do so by queuing disputes either in the Court of Arbitration or the conciliation and through the conciliation-mediation proceedings, in accordance with best practices that are internationally adopted. This is achieved through establishing effective partnerships, exchanging experiences, and recruiting qualified and competent experts and consultants from independent international institutions in the field of arbitration and mediation.

Mediation and Arbitration (MAAC) Services
The Mediation and Arbitration Center is one of the most important divisions of CMI that provides negotiation solutions, mediation, arbitration and Dispute Resolution systems using alternative methods, through the services platform which is as follows:
1. Providing consultancy services for drafting contracts and agreements and drafting the dispute resolution clause.
2. Providing consultations on the best dispute resolution alternatives following the dispute.
3. Providing training programs in the field of mediation and arbitration in collaboration with partners.
4. Providing consultations and services for building and developing the institutional capacities for institutions, and disputes resolution and arbitration centers

 What makes the Mediation and Arbitration Center special?
- The collaboration with our partners on avoiding the disputes before they occur.
- The legal and factual analysis post commercial disputes and providing the best conciliation options before cases go to court.
- The Representation of the disputed parties in relation to institutional arbitration cases.
- The Representation of the disputed parties in relation to institutional mediation requests.
- Working in accordance with the legal legislations, facts, professional values, ethical values and reliability standards towards the implementation of achievable and sustainable solutions.

Top listed consultations 
Due to confidentiality and privacy obligations, the Centre does not reveal any consultations or services provided in the field of friendly settlements, arbitration, or other dispute resolution alternatives.


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