CMI - Consultancy Masters International

CEO Message of CMI

Since it has been established in UAE in the year 2009, Consultancy Masters International (CMI) had been investing in building up and developing capabilities and setting up the institutional excellence fundamentals, leading to the development of governmental authorities, organisations, corporations and empowering individuals and leaders in governmental and private sectors in UAE to achieve the outstanding performance, statewide and across the Arab region. Realizing the significance and the strategic importance of the proactive services provided within the boundaries of the pandemic new changes (Post COVID-19), the company is intensively and extensively involved in providing the consultations and services that are relevant to the alternative dispute resolution methodologies (ADR), particularly in the field of arbitration and mediation. In addition;(CMI) is providing legal training services for Arbitrators and Mediators, in line with the other services within the company portfolio.

Based on this, CMI is continuously striving to provide consolidated and integrated consultancy services for its clients. Therefore, CMI has established designated centres including; The Mediation and Arbitration Center (MAAC), Translation, Editing and Media Center (TEAM), Center for Consultation, Research and Institutional Excellence (CORE), Talents, Skills and Knowledge Development Center (TASK), aiming to provide an added value to all partners and clients reflecting CMI’s vision of leadership and innovation standards and methodologies in relation to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, legal consultation, training, development and institutional excellence.

A key factor that distinguishes CMI, is the diversity, integrity and inclusiveness of legal linguistics and developmental services, which qualifies it to become a reliable strategic partner by virtue of the company operating through its respective centres by providing proactive consulting services to achieve the high standard level of customer satisfaction and meet their requirements and expectations. CMI provided services include an integrated system in the alternative disputes resolution field and its applicable mechanisms, through its services on Certified Legal Translation, consecutive and instantaneous interpretation, development consulting services, building and strengthening institutional capacities and training. CMI is committed to delivering the highest level of quality in relation to the offered services in a manner that is consistent with the internationally adopted best practices to assure that the customer's expectations are met.

In CMI, we trust that the consultations and services provided by Consultancy Masters International (CMI) are effectively contributing to providing the added value that our partners are expecting. CMI will carry on establishing successful partnerships to maintain its leading role in supporting performance development and building institutional capacity towards sustainable excellence along with outstanding results.

You are welcome to experience a reliable partnership with Consultancy Masters International (CMI)

Dr. Emad Eldien Hussein

CEO, Founder