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CORE Center

The CORE Centre 
The Consultancy, Research and Excellence Center (CORE), is considered a consulting organ of CMI where a
set of integrated consultancy services, through which assist its clients both government and private sectors,
planning to serve their institutional objectives and meet the aspirations of all parties concerned.
Adhering to CMI principles, the CORE centre supports several clients and partners to overcome challenging
administrative issues and is keen to provide high-quality services and products in all its outputs, moreover, the
Center is keen to supply its clients and stakeholders with an added value represented in strengthening the human
capital and specialists and transferring knowledge.
The CORE Center is one of the CMI's most prominent centres, as it sets its sights on services provision in line
with the UAE Vision 2021 and Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, by operating its business in various ways to utilize
human resources and institutional capacities which maintain a sustainable knowledge-based economy,
. particularly in Abu Dhabi, and Statewide

Services of (CORE) centre 
• Corporate Excellence
• Institutional Development
• Strategy development and management
• Institutional Performance Management
• Corporate Governance
• Standard operating procedures Development
• Quality Management Systems
• Enterprises & Programs Management
• Building capacities of human capital
• Comparison of standards and Best Practices

CORE Center top Projects 
• Qualification to the International Institutional Agility standards, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ
• Enhancement of institutional, competitive and leadership capabilities within the corporate excellence
aspect, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).
• Developing and establishing Strategic Framework System within the corporate excellence aspect, Abu
.Dhabi Fund for Economic Development / Abu Dhabi

• Rehabilitation of Al-Sad Customer Service Center according to the criteria of the Emirates Government
Services Excellence Program, Al Ain Distribution Company / Al Ain.
• Establishment, rehabilitation and accreditation of the specification of Social Responsibility Management
system, Department of External Areas - Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.
• Creating the system of Real Estate Disputes Resolution Center - Department of Urban Planning and
Municipalities / Abu Dhabi.
• Evaluation of categories of the Commander in Chief's Award - Abu Dhabi Police GHQ
• Implementation of the final assessment for the European Model of Excellence (EFQM) - Sheikh Saqr
Program for Government Excellence
• Qualification for the Certificate of Commitment to Excellence, Committed to Excellence and
Recognized for Excellence - The National Archives.
• Qualification for the Committed to Excellence EFQM (C2E) Certificate - London Police Attaché’s
Office – ADP, and Washington Police Attaché’s Office - ADP.
• Implementing quality management systems – several departments - Abu Dhabi Police GHQ
• Implementing quality management systems in testing and calibration laboratories - Medical Services
Department - Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.
• Staff, stakeholders and customers survey - Private Security Companies Department.
• Experimental assessment to apply (EFQM Excellence Model) - Sheikh Saqr Program for Government
• Self-Assessment & Gap Analysis - Human Resources General Department & Human Resources
Planning - Abu Dhabi Police GHQ
• Qualifying for UAE Emiratisation Award, Human Resources General Department & Human Resources
Planning - Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.
• Qualifying for the Leadership Development Award within the Business Empowerment World
The conference, New Zealand - Training Department - Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.
• Strategic planning to the Rushed Initiative - Suleiman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi Foundation - Riyadh -
Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA).
• Strengthening institutional capacities for Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) - Riyadh -
Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA).
• Qualifying the organizational units to the Quality Certificate - The General Presidency for the affairs of
the Grand Mosque - Mecca - Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA).
• Qualifying the organizational units to the Quality Certificate - The Agency of the General Presidency for
the Affairs of Prophet’s Mosque - Madinah - Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA).
• Project on the dissemination and promotion of institutional excellence concept at the operational and
command levels, Secretariat General of Gulf Cooperation Council - Riyadh - Kingdom Saudi Arabia
• Modernization Project to Private Schools assessment framework and also qualifying school’s staff,
Ministry of Education - Muscat - Oman.


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