TEAM Center


Owing to the high demand for high-quality translation and interpretation services in the Gulf region, CMI established TEAM to meet those needs and also offer a “one-stop- shop” for all related translation services to include editing, proofreading, creative writing, copywriting, graphic design and publishing. TEAM’s unique role hinges on a thorough understanding of the need for an outstanding translation that presents not only an accurate interpretation of the original text, but a translated text that reflects the beauty and splendor of the original text, in harmony with the culture and linguistic structure of the target language.

TEAM’s highly specialized translators and interpreters are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, quality and efficiency. TEAM translation services are available for various types of texts, ranging from information booklets and brochures, to more sensitive and sophisticated documents such as contracts, agreements, and treaties. Moreover, TEAM’s services include the provision of all media translations (subtitling and dubbing) in addition to interpretation services (Simultaneous and Consecutive).

It is TEAM mission to offer outstanding translation in order to achieve the intended communication purposes and to fully reflect both the meaning and content of the original texts.

Key Qualities of TEAM services

TEAM has dedicated, talented, and expert translators, with outstanding experience and competence, specialized in professional translation and interpretation.
TEAM understands that translation is a delicate process requiring intuitive interpretation of wording and intent. We believe that even the most advanced translation software and websites are unable to translate text to a level of accuracy that conveys the original human intent. Therefore, we do not make use of these tools and guarantee a personal and tailored service from our team of experts.
TEAM implements a sophisticated review and checking system where text is proof-read by language specialists who take into account the composition, punctuation and grammar so as to deliver a high quality text to the client.
TEAM endeavor to ensure confidentiality of all documents, out of respect for your privacy and security. We also ensure that our translation team abides by the same confidentiality principles during all stages of translation.
TEAM provides very competitive prices with preferential deals for repeat and long-term business.
TEAM aims to serve you in a bespoke manner, adhering to international standards and best-practice in customer service.
TEAM appreciates the significance of its role in showcasing the elegance and sophistication of our beautiful Arabic language and in promoting intercultural translation, communication and dialogue between Western and Arab economies.

TEAM services & types of translation

In addition to high quality translation services and training in both Arabic and English, TEAM Center offers other services related to translation, including:

• Certified Legal Translation (Ministry of Justice License No. 301, since 2007).
• Translation of articles, letters, books, research papers, and contracts.
• Simultaneous interpretation.
• Consecutive interpretation.
• Subtitling and dubbing services for video, talk shows, webcasts, audio books, etc…
• Localization and cultural adaptation of Internet websites and software.
• Specialized courses in translation and interpretation.
• Proofreading services, editing and creative writing.
• Graphic design and publishing of books and brochures.

Prominent Achievements of TEAM:

TEAM is not only regarded as a service provides, but also a strategic partner.
The most prominent achievements of TEAM include the following:

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council.
• Quality & Conformity Council Book (National Quality Infrastructure):
• Qassim Chamber of Commerce, KSA.
• Translation of (Qassim Investment Strategy) handbook

Abu Dhabi Police GHQ:
 • Translation and editing of all submissions for the International Business Award (Stevie Award)
 • Translation and editing of all submissions for the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) Awards