Overview of Emirati Excellence Experience in Sudan

Giad Industrial Group recently held its first conference in Khartoum, Sudan on 8-9 April 2014. The conference had the motto "Assessment and Evaluation: our path to Corporate Excellence,” and is considered a starting point towards identifying the best practices in corporate excellence.
At Giad's kind request, CEO of CMI, Dr. Emad Eddien Hussein, presented a research paper on the "Emirati experience in corporate excellence". In his presentation Dr. Hussein reviewed the phases of the national and federal awards on Corporate Excellence, in addition to the worthwhile outcomes of committing to the standards of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). He noted that the current UAE achievements are the direct results of the promising vision and inspiring leadership, as well as the results of transforming ambition into initiatives. Dr. Hussein concluded the presentation by listing the phases of the UAE experience that can be applied by Giad Industrial Group to achieve its expectations despite the internal and external challenges.
Inspired by Dr. Hussein’s presentation that was applauded by the audience, Giad Group agreed to pay a visit to CMI in order to hold benchmarking with the enablers and results achieved by the UAE in Corporate Excellence. Both entities also agreed to attempt this visit soon.
At the closing ceremony of the two- day conference, Dr. Hussein was awarded by Eng. Al-Ameen Mohamed Ahmed, Giad General Manager.

9 April 2014