The First Training Program for Excellence Leaders in Qatar

As part of CMI drive to underscore the corporate excellence process in all the institutes concerned with developing human capital in the Gulf Cooperation Council member states, and aiming at applying CMI's knowledge empowerment mechanisms in accordance with the international certificates acquired by Dr. Emad Eddien Hussein, CEO of Corporate Excellence Masters International, such as EFQM Certified J2E, L4E, IAT & EAT Trainer, and also in his capacity as a CKM Instructor, he obtained the latter certification from the Knowledge Management Institute (KMI), Dr. Emad Eddien Hussein has carried out the first Program for Educationalist Excellence Leaders of Qatar. The program was entitled (Excellence Leaders at the Educational Sector) and was carried out in cooperation with the Arab Educational Training Center for Gulf Countries. The program was attended by 31 men and women participants from the Supreme Council for Education in Qatar as well as a variety of ministries and educational bodies in the GCC.
During the training program, Dr. Emad Eddien Hussein applied all the concepts and criteria of leadership excellence to the mechanisms of strategic planning, initiatives and the projects related to the Supreme Council of Education in Qatar as well as the ministries concerned with education in the Gulf region through a truly unique discourse in this particular area.
Participants have highly valued the training program and hailed it as one that offers new distinguished knowledge, something which emphasizes the fact that the EFQM Excellence Model is commensurate with all relevant entities and ministries. Dr. Emad Eddien Hussein was honored in appreciation of his distinguished efforts and the course deliverables. Dr. Hussein's honoring came in recognition of his efforts towards developing the specialized expertise and knowledge of participants and helping them closely monitor the best practices in the area of corporate excellence. His efforts also incorporated providing trainees with the latest criteria and methods implemented in European institutes to ensure the accomplishment of a quantum leap in corporate performance and the consolidation of sustainable development concepts among participants. An agreement was signed with the Arab Training Center to carry out training workshops similar to that for the sectors focusing on excellence in the educational institutes in Qatar and the GCC countries.

10 May 2013