Dr. Emad held J2E Program In Secretariat General of The Cooperation Council For GCC

Implementing the corporate excellence initiative emanating from its 2013 – 2015 strategy , the GCC Secretariat General in collaboration with CMI international group held a 2 days training program for 11 participants of the Secretariat General various functional divisions. Under the title (Journey to Excellence) the training program was held from April 20 – April 21.2014 as part of an ambitious plan to train 200 employees this year. Dr. Emad Eddien Hussein, chief executive of CMI International Group, has conducted the first training program.
Dr. Emad paid tribute to the pioneering role of the Secretariat General, in its capacity as the active arm of GCC that transforms ambitions and expectations of stakeholders into realistic programs and initiatives contributing to the achievement of sustainable excellence. He also pointed out the great concern given by the Secretariat General’s leaders to spreading the culture of excellence and adopting the European model of excellence (EFQM). This will take place in accordance with an integrated methodology and within a time frame, ensuring that all the Secretariat General’s staff levels are acquainted with the culture of excellence and are taking the model to be their modus operandi, thus, achieving the Secretariat General ambitions to be a leader and an outstanding entity in realizing GCC objectives.
Winding up the training program, HE Dr. Salem bin Nasser Al Quzie, Director-General of Strategic Planning and Corporate Excellence General Department, pointed out the importance of this training program as a step in the Secretariat General journey to implement the European model of excellence according to an integrated strategic plan the Secretariat developed specially to this purpose. Al-Quzie also thanked Dr. Emad, appreciating his role in conducting this training program and for his exceeding the expectations of the Secretariat. He also added that Dr.Emad’s outstanding technique contributed to the participants’ interaction with the program. It also motivates them to adopt the concepts of excellence and strive to achieve development and sustainable excellence.
Dr. Emad as well expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Secretariat General for giving him the opportunity to contribute to the achievement of a part of their strategic initiatives and also for the facilities provided to the program to be conducted in a manner that exceeds the expectations of the participants. He also highlighted the enthusiasm and desire of the participants to move forward towards excellence new horizons. He also noted that he looks forward to further cooperation with the esteemed GCC Secretariat General.

22 April 2014