There is no doubt that developing the competencies as well as developing the human capital, investing in the fields of capacity-building and establishing the institutional excellence rules have become key enablers for supporting and developing the governmental authorities, foundations, corporations and individuals. Having recognized the strategic importance of these variables, which form a real challenge in the fields of investment in the human capital in addition to the concepts of institutional excellence, Corporate Excellence Masters International (CMI) has established specialized centers including: Competency, skills and knowledge development center (TASK), Center for Consultation, Research and Institutional Excellence (CORE) and Translation, editing and media center (TEAM) to achieve an added value to all partners and customers, and to translate the vision of the company that aims to achieve leadership and innovation in various fields of training, development, consulting, institutional excellence and supporting the backup to a tangible reality. The diversity and the inclusiveness of the services of Corporate Excellence Masters International (CMI) are the most prominent elements of the company's singularity and uniqueness, which qualify it to be a strategic partner of the client, where the company works through its various centers to provide specialized solutions to meet the needs as well as ambitions of its partners, these services include providing accredited courses by leading international institutions as well as management consulting services. In addition to the certified legal translation and simultaneous interpretation, where it provides these services to the customers with high quality that exceed their expectations continuously.

We are confident that the services provided in Corporate Excellence Masters International (CMI) will continue to achieve the added value that our partners are looking for and will meet their needs. The company will continue to establish fruitful partnerships to ensure and maintain its leading role in supporting performance development, institutional capacity building, applying the best global practices and striving for sustainable excellence.

You are welcome to experience a genuine partnership with Corporate Excellence Masters International (CMI).

Dr. Emad Eldien Hussein